Inclusion Hub 2023 - 2024

Mrs Maddison

Welcome to The Inclusion Hub  

This year, the staff in The Inclusion Hub are: 

Mrs Maddison  

Miss Winterbottom

Mrs Garfield

Mrs Stringer

Mrs Mendonca

Miss Phonna


In The Inclusion Hub we base the children’s learning around their four areas of need:

  • Communication & Interaction
  • Cognition & Learning
  • Social, Emotional & Mental Health
  • Physical & Sensory.  

We build upon the children’s ideas and interests, responding in the moment or through planned experiences to support each child’s learning and development.  

In addition to this, we have six topics which are covered throughout the year, enhancing the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.  

  • People in my family and community 
  • People who work in shops 
  • People who care for us 
  • People who keep us safe 
  • People who fix and build things 
  • People who care for animals and the environment 

Home Learning 

Children will bring either a reading book or a book of interest home in their book bag every night. Please read with them as often as you can. If they read at least 3 times a week, they will earn a ‘Reading Champion’ sticker and will work towards a termly reward with Mrs Glynn with all of the Reading Champions across Greenhill Academy! 

As part of home learning a Pobble picture will be sent home for the family to talk about and read the key vocabulary we have covered in the week. At the end of the term, a piece of topic home learning will be sent home to explore the topic that was recently covered.  


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