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28th November

Date: 2nd Dec 2022 @ 3:38pm

The children have continued learning about different countries. They have looked at famous buildings in the different countries. 

They have read Concept in print words to describe the buildings and then wrote sentences about the buildings.

They have drawn some lovely detailed pictures of the buildings.

They then drew their ideal school and what they would like to see in it.

Learning in Class 9 2.12. 22

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 6:03pm

We want to say a 'BIG WELL DONE' to Class 9 this week for their focus, hard work and determination during assessment week. They have listened, followed instructions and have shown great resilience too. 

Class blog- Week Ending- 2.12.22

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 5:26pm

This week has been challenging for the students as they have been put through their paces with assessments in Maths and English. We are very proud of everyone's attitude and approach to the assessments which can be daunting and are sure that it will show the rewards of the hard work and progress that we see in their work every week. 

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Outside of this we have been studying the life of Charles Dickens and have written biographies on the life of one of Britain's most renowned authors. It has certainly been a change of pace after four weeks of looking and writing our own fables and legends but everyone has adapted very well and demonstrated their abilities to understand the changes which need to take place when writing for different audiences and purpose. To read more into the life of Charles Dickens or to recap on what we have been learning in class, check out this website: Who was Charles Dickens? - BBC Bitesize

Some of Dicken's works have been made into easy-to-watch youtube videos. Here are the links of some  to watch to help to deepen your knoweldge and acquaint yourself with his stories.

A Christmas Carol Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids in English - YouTube

Oliver Twist | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales - YouTube

Great Expectations Animated - YouTube


Nursery Weekly Blog WB 28/11/2022

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 12:23pm

This week we have been doing lots of great learning about The Three Billie Goats Gruff. We have retold the story using actions, musical instruments and small world characters.

Our Maths activity involved feeding flowers to the goats to see who had the most!

We have started to practise songs for our Christams performance and the children are really enjoying joining in with the words and actions. We have started to get crafty for Christmas with the children making some decorations for our tree that we will put up next week.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we welcomed parents into Nursery for their VIP visits. The children loved showing off their Nursery and working with their grown ups to create Christams trees and wreaths. A massive thank you to all the parents who came to be with their child!

Next week we start joining up with Reception to practise our Foundation Nativity.

Reception Blog- Week Beginning 28.11.22

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 12:19pm

This week we have started our Nativity rehearsals and have been learning about the Natvity Story. We have enjoyed making our own box scenes with all of the characters from the story. We have also made our own character puppets on lolly sticks so we can act out the story with our friends.

In our maths learning we have started learning about one more and one less and have enjoyed singing some of our favourite songs that count down one less each time or count up one more each time. 


Reception Blog- Week Beginning 21.11.22

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 12:15pm

This week in reception we have had a super week! In English we have been learning all about the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and we have all drawn pictrues and written captions and sentences to retell the story in groups. We also took part in some drama activities including a story whoosh to retell the story and enjoying being the different characters and objects from the book. 

In our topic learning we have had a science week and have enjoyed taking part in some floating and sinking, melting and checking which materials are waterproof. 

We had a super end to the week and went to Oldham Colisuem and watched 'Robin Hood' we had the best time and enjoyed danicng and joining with some of the words!

This week in pre-school...

Date: 1st Dec 2022 @ 9:47am

This week we have introduced some new activities as part of encouraging the children to be an explorer. They have been looking at objects through a magnifying glass and noticing how different things can look. We have out some magnetic shapes, where the children have been exploring how they fix together.

In the water area we put some ice, to feel the different temperatures between the ice and water, and we have experimented with wet and dry sand in different ways. 

In family groups the children have been practicing their skills in identifying and sorting shapes and developing an understanding of what real objects are used for. Their confidence has been encouraged  when exploring and feeling different textures and figuring out how some new toys work. 

This week in Class 14...Week ending 02.12.22

Date: 30th Nov 2022 @ 11:11am

Mrs Baguley and Mrs Wall are so proud of Class 14 for their fabulous Class Assembly all about children being evacuated during World War 2.  They amazed us how they could quickly learn their lines and produce dramas with limited rehearsal time.  Well done Class 14!

We have had a very busy week doing assessments.  The children have all tried their best and we look forward to seeing how much progress they have made this term. 

In English we have been creating our own Battle Bunny stories.  The children have been so enthusiastic devising their own characters and writing their own stories.

This week we have been learning...

Date: 30th Nov 2022 @ 11:07am

This week we have been writing diaries in the style of a child and her father during the Second World War.  We explored their emotions and how they would feel at different points.  The writing that the children produced is fantastic.  

In maths we learnt all about different angles and practised using a protractor to draw and measure angles. 

Class Blog- Week Ending - 25.11.22

Date: 27th Nov 2022 @ 8:35pm

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be able to go to the panto and it was great to see the children enjoying the show. Lots of singing and dancing along, "it's behind you" and "oh no you didnt"'s later we all had a great time. Well done to everyone for being really well behaved, responsible for the younger years during the walk to the theatre and for showing a really good image of the school, we're very proud of you!

In class we rounded off our 4 weeks of learining on fables and legends with a polished piece of writing a legend with our own alternate endings. The creative minds got to work and the progress from the first week's writing to the most recent is fantastic. Next week we will be starting to learn about Charles Dickens and if you want to get a headstart on your learning then have a look at these.

Charles Dickens | Biography, Books, Characters, Facts, & Analysis | Britannica

Who was Charles Dickens? - BBC Bitesize

Charles Dickins Facts | Newsround | CBBC - Bing video

See the source image

Money money money

Date: 25th Nov 2022 @ 4:34pm

The past 2 weeks in Year 2 we have been learning about money. We started last week by looking at different amounts and how we can make them. This week we have focused on adding amounts and giving change. 


Over the weekend, maybe you could play shops at home and ask your children to be a shop keeper. FAEE0FC7-2EE8-4540-92AF-25BED49C02B5.jpeg

Class 4’s learning this week 25.11.22

Date: 24th Nov 2022 @ 7:51pm

This week Class 4 continued looking at the Story One Snowy Night focusing on re-telling the story. We used our fantastic drama skills to create a story whoosh, acting out the story. We really enjoyed re-telling the story through drama. We have also focused on re-telling the story through sequencing and writing using time connectives and adjectives!

In Maths this week we began looking at 2D shapes thinking about their properties and also looking at shape patterns creating our own patterns. We got to go on a shape hunt using the iPads to take pictures of different shaped objects around our classroom.

We also started out new Art topic this week drawing self portraits and portraits of our friends using the same style of art used by Picasso. We really enjoyed our art lessons and created some beautiful portraits!




This week in Pre-school...

Date: 24th Nov 2022 @ 9:40am

This week In family groups, we have been practicing fine motor skills using different tools in the water area and sorting objects by size using different stacking toys.

Throughout the week have been exploring how we are feeling and singing songs like “if your happy and you know it clap your hands.”

We read a story called- I like it when… which is about a baby penguin doing things such as holding hands, helping in the house and splashing in the bath.

We asked the children to talk about what makes them happy and sad and we got some great comments back from them such as “I angry, my cat hurt my leg.!”

Learning in Class 9 23.11.22

Date: 23rd Nov 2022 @ 9:29am

Class 9 have been learning to talk about the weather in French. We have been 'lucky' with the weather this week as it has given us many opportunities to practise our new words. 49FB4333-092F-4A2D-8EE4-C41352DDB030.jpeg

What we have been LEARNING in CLASS 10

Date: 20th Nov 2022 @ 5:13pm

Hello from CLASS 10,
here you will be able to find out about all the FANTASTIC and FUN learning we have be doing in class this week.

We had so much fun supporting CHILDREN IN NEED!
This week for Comprehension, the text we focused on our Country themed text all about Scotland.  Ask your child about our ‘gist’ and ‘vocab’ lessons.
I like how all the comprehension learning is in one booklet - Urwa
In LITERACY we having been looking at creating a persuasive leaflet based on ‘Th United Kingdom’. I enjoyed learning about the different parts of the United Kingdom - Eesa
In NUMERACY; we have been continuing our learning on FRACTIONS.

It was good as it helped me fully understand the learning I struggled with this year - Saarah.
Please see our photos to see some of our learning in action.
Goodbye for now - Class 10 & Mr S.Rahman

Class Blog- Week Ending - 18.11.22

Date: 19th Nov 2022 @ 7:31pm

This week Year 5 started the week by wearing odd socks to raise awareness of and kickstart anti-bullying week. By wearing odd socks we celebrated uniqueness, to symbolise that we are all different and that children should be themselves, accepting of one another and celebrate difference. We continued our learning of anti-bullying in our weekly PSHE lesson. To continue your learning you can watch this 'live lesson' Anti-bullying Week 2022 – Live Lesson - BBC Teach

See the source image

18.11.22 - Children in need

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 3:38pm

The children in Learning Base 2 have been decorating biscuits for children in need.

They looked at Pudsey's face and copied it onto the yellow iced biscuits. 

They loved describing the facial emotions of Pudsey - happy, sad, grumpy, afraid, excited.


They also came to school dressed in their spotty clothes to raise money for Children in need. 

Reception Weekly Blog WB 14.11.2022

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 1:10pm

This week in Nursery we have been doing some fantastic learning about The Gingerbread Man. We have listened to different versions of the story and created actions to acoompany the story. We have practised our fine motor skills by using tweezers to add eyes and buttons to gingerbread men and finished off the week by making our own gingerbread biscuits - thank you to everyone who bought one to raise money for Children in Need.

Last week the children started reading in Nursery using books without words linked to their current phonics phase - Phase 1 - this will happen every FRiday. In addition, this week they have all chosen a book from our Nursery library to take home and enjoy reading with adults at home. This will be changed in family group time evry 2 weeks. We will not be able to send a book home unless we have a book bag in school.

On Friday we had a fantastic 'Children in Need' day in Nursery - all the children looked splendidly spotty!!

Reception Blog- Week Beginning 14.11.22

Date: 17th Nov 2022 @ 12:27pm

This week we had a visit from a little monster called Nibbles. He has been eating some of our books and we have completed wanted posters to try and find him so we can put him back inside the book that he escaped from. Whilst learning outside we have been using the crates to make traps to capture Nibbles.

In our maths learning we have been learning about circles and triangles and the artist 'Kandinsky'. We have enjoyed using the shapes to create our own artwork and exploring the environment to find the shapes. 

In our topic learning we have been continuing our learning into the season Autumn. We learnt all about the artist 'Andy Goldsworthy' and have used some of the natural materials to make our own sculptures outside. 

We also followed a recipe to make our own children in need biscuits that we sold to raise money for the charity!

Learning in Class 9 18.11.22

Date: 16th Nov 2022 @ 3:17pm

Class 9 have been fully on board with the Anti-Bullying learning this week. Thank you to all parents for sending your children in to school wearing 'Odd Socks' so many took part.

We also learnt about Reaching Out to help stop bullying or help if we see it, hear it or feel it! All the children know which adults to trust and speak to if anything worries them.

Our class wrote a message about Anti-Bullying which you can see below. Well done Class 9 for your creativity and enthusiasm in everything you do. You are truly amazing! IMG_1105.jpg   IMG_1106.jpg  IMG_1107.jpg


14.11.22 Setting Description

Date: 15th Nov 2022 @ 8:23am

This week in our English lessons we are going to be looking at a setting description of the ice age.

The children watched the film last week and used what they saw to create their own settings.

They worked as a team to create a setting box, where they then thought of adjectives and similies to describe the different parts.


Class Blog- Week Ending - 11.11.22

Date: 12th Nov 2022 @ 5:31pm

This week in English, we have been writing our own adaptaions of the fable 'The Rainbow Crow'


To watch an award winning animated version of the movie follow this link. (35) Crow: The Legend | Official Animated Movie [HD] | John Legend, Oprah, Liza Koshy - YouTube.

And to see the behind of the scenes of how the movie was made you can follow this link (35) Inside Baobab Studios: Behind the Scenes of Rainbow Crow (VR Animated Film) - YouTube. It might inspire you following on for your own stop-motion animation movie-making in Computing. 

See the source image

Throughout the week, we improved our witing skills by learning about a range of new sentance openers, sequencing stories and brushing up on the use of dialogue in our writing. At the end of the week the hard work of all of the class culminated in a big write of our own fables.

Year 5's creativity and interest has shone through with some brilliant pieces of work. We're very proud of what they have come up with, be sure to ask about it at home.


Well done Year 5, a fantastic start to English this term, look forward to our next focus, 'The Sea Serpent's Daughter'.

Reception Blog - Week Beginning 07.11.22

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 8:30pm

This week in Reception the children have enjoyed reading the story 'Goldilocks and the Three bears'. The children interviewed Goldilocks, asking her questions they wanted to find out. We worked hard in small groups making a story map, drawing the characters and talking about the story. The children labelled their lovely work using the phonics sounds they have been learning and the tricky words. 

In Maths we have been looking at comparing the numbers 1,2 and 3. We made sure we collected the right amount of objects to match our numbers. We used the language 'one more' and 'one less' when making sure we had the right amounts.

In the afternoon the children had fun talking about the celebration Bonfire night and what different sounds and ways it was celebrated. We have been continuing our Autumn learning by talking about what the animals do during the cold season and how they get ready to hibernate. We used clay to make hedgehogs and sticks to decorate.



SPACE keynote

Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 4:37pm

This week we have enjoyed carrying on our Space topic finding out new facts about the planets. We then used these new facts in our Computing lessons where we are creating our own Keynote presentation all about Space. 


First we had to draw the planets and make sure they were in the correct order. We then labelled them and recorded ourselves saying our new fantastic facts. 




Date: 11th Nov 2022 @ 3:52pm

The children in the Learning bases have been looking at 'Castles' during their topic learning.

They have used the small world play castles and have enjoyed making the castle walls. 

On Friday, they used the large boxes to try and create their own large castle. The had so much fun investigating the boxes that the castle is yet to be built. 

The children also created an extention to their castle role play using junk modelling. 

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