At Greenhill Academy we aim to ensure that all children receive high quality provision which is multi-sensory and engaging, provides first-hand experiences and develops confidentindependent learners. The education all children receive at Greenhill Academy is broad, balanced and inclusive; it builds on the experiences they bring with them and relates new learning directly to their life.

At the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage we aim to have developed children who are confident to make positive relationships with their peers, able to communicate their own interests, wants and needs clearly to others, enthusiastic, independent and inquisitive learners who ask questions and want to find out more about the world around them.


The Early learning Goals are skills which your child will be working towards achieving in their time in Pre-School, Nursery and Reception (from being 2 and a half to 5 years old).

There are 3 Prime Areas of Learning which are:

  • Language & Communication - Listening & Attention, Understanding and Speaking.

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development - Making Relationships, Self- Confidence & Self-Awareness and Managing Feelings & Behaviour.

  • Physical Development - Moving & Handling and Health & Self-Care

There are 4 Specific Areas of Learning which are:

  • Literacy - Reading and Writing.

  • Mathematics - Number and Shape & Space and Measure.

  • Understanding the World - People & Communities, The World and Technology.

Expressive Arts & Design - Explore & Using Media & Materials and Being Imaginative


Here are some of the thoughts from our parents regarding their children’s learning, the staff and the learning environments in Early Years at Greenhill Academy:

My son improved his sentence making ability, spelling and reading. We are proud of him.


Our daughter has gained so much confidence since coming to Greenhill in September, she loves coming to school and tells us all about her learning.


My son's speech has improved so much. He has been trying to teach his little brother all the nursery rhymes and the days of the week song.


Our daughter loves coming to school and enjoys telling us what she“s been doing and who she has made friends with. She is much more confident and is having more conversations with family members at home.


Thank you to all the teachers for going above and beyond to help me, my family and my daughter in school.


Nursery is very welcoming and vibrant. Its not like any other nurseries I have visited previously.

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