In our academy parent's views are extremely important to us. We have an open door policy and you are welcome to speak to the Principal or Head of Academy at any time.

You can also share your views with us and with Ofsted using the link below. This will help us to improve our academy even further.

If you are unhappy about something in our academy please let us know. Most things can be sorted out quickly by talking to the class teacher or Head of Academy or Principal.

The results of our Parents Survey in March 2019 are very pleasing. We have used this to inform our School Development Plan.

Parent Questionnaire March 2019


# Strongly agree Agree Total
My child is happy at school. 71% 29% 100%
My child feels safe at school. 77% 22% 99%
My child makes good progress at school. 67% 33% 100%
My child is well looked after at school. 71% 28% 99%
The teaching is good at school. 71% 28% 99%
The school makes sure the pupils are well behaved. 63% 36% 99%

The school deals effectively with bullying.

NB. The remaining 3% of Parents made the comment they had no experience of bullying, except one who confirmed it had been dealt with by school.

54% 43% 97%
This school is well led and managed. 67% 32% 99%
This school responds well to any concern I raise. 63% 34% 97%
I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. 67% 33% 100%
I know my child's learning targets. 70% 28% 98%
My child receives regular home learning. 52% 39% 91%
I would recommend this school to another parent. 71% 28% 99%


Comments and suggestions from our parents included:

“The teachers are fantastic, easy to approach and take care of the children really well.”


“Very impressed with our child's progress.”


“Keep the standards up and I appreciate a lot of what you are doing. Really impressive!”



“It is a good school and I am really happy for my child to be a part of this school.”


“In terms of my child’s learning I am really pleased.”

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